Most Common Website Problems and Their Solution

Having a website is paramount to your success, as it offers a platform where you meet with your customers. Through your website, you can globally reach prospective customers in real-time and also respond to their reviews. Optimising your website is crucial to winning conversions. Our company has managed many WordPress websites for a lengthy period. … Read more

Managed Hosting for WordPress with the ALPS theme

Here at AutoPilot Managed WordPress Hosting, we aren’t picky about what theme you want to use. Whether you choose to use GeneratePress, (which is one of the premium licenses we include with your subscription), or something else is up to you. If you are working with one of the many entities of the Seventh-day Adventist … Read more

Where to get inspiration for your new WordPress website design

Pinterest Web Design Inspiration Screenshot

We all need inspiration sometimes, and if you are starting on a new web design project for your own business, for a web design client, or even just building a landing page for your sales funnel, it doesn’t hurt to take some time to get some inspiration. This is absolutely to get ideas on what … Read more