Introducing AutoPilot Hosting

I’m excited to announce that from today, the website hosting business of TerraMedia is now known as AutoPilot Hosting. This new name and business represent a renewed focus on providing the best possible managed WordPress hosting solution for small businesses, agencies and freelancers. I’m sure you have questions, so I will do my best to answer them below.

Since when do you provide hosting? 

TerraMedia has been providing website hosting since 2007 when we built our first client website.

There are so many hosting companies out there that already offer managed WordPress hosting, what makes AutoPilot different?

In most instances, web hosting companies provide excellent hosting tools, including their managed WordPress hosting solutions. However, these tools require some knowledge and time to get set up and working effectively. More importantly, they still leave the grunt work to you. Most small businesses and agencies would be far better served with a solution that actually makes their lives easier. That’s what we aim to do by providing a completely managed WordPress hosting solution that includes complete WordPress, plugin and theme setup and support.

Does TerraMedia still do digital marketing and web development work?

Yes. My goal is to see a synergy between a hosting solution that complements the digital marketing strategies we develop and implement.

Are you looking for new hosting clients?


Who is your ideal client?

My hosting service is a great fit for any small business, freelancer or agency who wants to build their website on WordPress but doesn’t want to deal with anything technical.

Who is not a good fit?

If you are a developer or agency and would like full access to everything, then you are probably not a good fit for this service. If you need complete access and control, I would recommend one of the excellent WordPress hosting solutions from Kinsta, Flywheel, WP Engine or Cloudways.

What are your contact details?

You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], calling 1800 706 109 (in Australia) or +614 3461 1228 (from overseas), or filling out the form here.

I still have questions, what do I do?

Get in touch and I’ll answer any other questions you might have!


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