Case Study: Wine and Co NSW

Wine and Co NSW are distributors based in the Hunter region of NSW that partner with licensed restaurants, bars cafes, retailers and wholesalers from North Sydney up to the Mid North Coast of NSW. Their goal is to deliver an enhanced wine experience for the end-user with an award-winning portfolio that highlights the diversity of NSW and Australian wine regions.

When Wine and Co NSW was migrated over to our platform by one of our partners, TerraMedia, their site was actually loading quite fast already.

Wine and Co NSW were hosted on myshophosting, a hosting company based not far from us actually, at Wyong on the Central Coast. For those that don’t know the area, Wyong is about an hour north of Sydney. 🙂

Myshophosting uses Sydney based servers as we do, so it was a smart move using them. Sydney is the closest datacentre location for the market being served by Wine and Co NSW. So how does it stack up?

In my tests before migrating the Wine and Co NSW WordPress installation over from myshophosting, GTMetrix’s Sydney location reported a respectable fully loaded time of 2.5 seconds. Not bad at all! speed results on myshophosting speed results on myshophosting

It was going to be a challenge to beat that kind of loading time.

But, I like a good challenge.

After migrating the website over and setting up our caching, I noted initial speeds were pretty consistent with the speeds from myshophosting, only, our managed WordPress hosting is cheaper for the same speeds. Of course though, here at AutoPilot our managed WordPress hosting services also include on-site optimisation and technical support. So, delving into the Wine and Co NSW website, I noted there were a few areas of possible improvement to boost the site speed.

I got to work on everything we can do on the Wine and Co NSW WordPress website itself. In other words, without touching external scripts like ReCaptcha. Also excluding optimisations that broke other things and would require their designer to get involved, like combining JavaScript files together.

The end result?

Testing from GTMetrix’s Sydney location, I was able to shave off 0.7s, getting consistent fully loaded times of 1.8 seconds. Nailed it! speed results after migrating to AutoPilot WordPress hosting speed results after migrating to AutoPilot WordPress hosting

While I was in there, I also corrected some HTTPS mixed content issues that were preventing the website from being fully secure.

As per our guarantee, we’ll get your WordPress website loading faster. If not, we’ll migrate your site back to your old host and give you a full refund, or we’ll give you 12 months free hosting if you decide to stay with us anyway! So what have you got to lose? Give us a try today.

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