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We work directly with you, and you'll always have the same point of contact for your account.

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Hassle-free automatic plugin, theme and core updates as well as nightly backups.

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Up to date

We are always improving our platform with the latest tech advances.

We'll migrate your WordPress website from any host to our servers, for free.

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We are based in Lake Macquarie and you can often find us at the Newcastle Business Networking Group.

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What is website hosting?

Every website needs a web host to ensure their website as accessible on the internet. Normally though, your web host will just provide the server access to you with minimal support. You are then responsible for the setup, maintenance, any website technical issues, and ongoing software updates for your website. With our Australian managed WordPress hosting plans you get our hands-on, dedicated customer service combined with a support package designed to keep your website running smoothly without any effort on your part. Plus, you’ll always be dealing with the same person any time you need to contact support, so they know your website like the back of their hand!

What is WordPress and why use it?

WordPress is a content management system that now powers close to 30% of the websites on the internet. In our view, WordPress is a perfect fit for small to medium businesses in Australia. It’s extremely extensible and being so widely used, it is also updated frequently, bringing new functionality and excellent security. We only host WordPress websites so we can provide an optimal service you don’t need to even think about, freeing you up to focus on your clients, customers and growing your business.

Will my WordPress website be faster on AutoPilot?

We employ a number of techniques to improve site speeds and while we can’t give you a guarantee as to just how big of a speed improvement you will see, we guarantee to improve your site loading speed or we’ll give you 12-months hosting free (or migrate your site back to your previous host for you – your choice)! We’ve seen sites drop from 14 second loading times down to 5 seconds and from 8 seconds down to 2 seconds, we’ve also seen smaller drops from 4 seconds down to 3 seconds.

Can you migrate my WordPress website to your server for me?

Absolutely. We migrate your WordPress website across to our specialised WordPress hosting platform free of charge. Migration timeframes vary, but most WordPress websites can be moved within 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to deploy a new WordPress managed hosting account?

We deploy most new accounts within 24 hours. Once your deployment is complete, you will receive an email with your administrator account login for your WordPress instance.

Do you support HTTPS and SSL certificates?

Yes, we provide a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with each account. We can also install your premium SSL certificate for you, or facilitate the purchase of one. We recommend all websites use an SSL certificate both for security, and to help with your search rankings on Google. If you are setting up a new website, your WordPress installation will come pre-configured to use HTTPS with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. If you are migrating an existing website over that is not using HTTPS with an SSL certificate, we will configure it to use a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for you, no cost. This service includes updating all internal site links to refer to https:// instead of http://

Can I directly access the server my WordPress website is hosted on?

No. In order to provide the most stable, secure, and fast platform possible, we restrict direct server access. If required, we can provide SFTP/FTPS access on request. For most WordPress customisations and changes, we recommend doing these through the WordPress dashboard using the built-in theme customiser. If you have a specific need, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Do you host anything besides WordPress?

No. We only host WordPress websites.

Do you only host Australian WordPress websites?

While we are based in Australia and most of our managed WordPress hosting customers are based in Australia, we are deploying cloud locations all over the globe. All we need to know is where the majority of your customers are so we can deploy your WordPress website in the closest managed cloud hosting location.

Do you have a premium WordPress plugin and theme library available for hosting customers?

Yes, we managed a library of premium WordPress plugins and themes that we’ve found to be excellent tools or that have been requested regularly by our customers. Some of the highlights include Elementor Pro and GeneratePress. See the full library of included WordPress plugins and themes here. Please note that premium WordPress themes and plugins from our library are not pre-installed but will be installed for you on request.

What if I'm not happy with your WordPress hosting service?

Oh no! We really hope you will give us an opportunity to rectify any issues you might have with our managed WordPress hosting platform. However, if you are still not happy, we will help you to migrate your website back to your previous WordPress website host, or to a new one of your choosing.

Do you have a moneyback guarantee?

Yes we do. Test your WordPress website performance before you migrate your site (we’ll test it too) using GTMetrix or Pingdom Tools. Test the performance of your WordPress website again after we have finished migrating it. If it isn’t faster, we will do everything we can to optimise WordPress for you. If you still don’t see a performance improvement, we will help you migrate your website back to your previous host, and give you a full refund of your hosting fees paid. Alternatively, we’ll give you 12-months hosting with us, completely free. It’s up to you.